The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory assessment scheme for large organisations in the UK. The third phase of the scheme is already underway and will run until 5th December 2023.

Phase 3 compliance

There are various routes to compliance, including energy surveys, DECs and ISO50001. Our lead assessors can help identify the best route for your organisation.

Why act now?

ESOS represents a real opportunity to create long-term energy, cost and carbon savings and by starting site surveys now, you can start benefitting from the insights ahead of the reporting deadline.

ESOS & SECR service

We can provide a combined ESOS & SECR service, as well as a complete ‘Carbon Action Programme’ that includes ESOS, SECR, Scope 3 emissions reporting and Science Based Targets.

If you’re unsure whether your organisation qualifies for ESOS Phase 3 or to find out more, download your free ESOS guide via the form below or contact us today to speak with one our experts.

E&CM SECR E-guide Download Form

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