Introduced in 2019, Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting is an annual reporting requirement for organisations to disclose their energy consumption and carbon emissions relating to their use of electricity, gas and transport.

Organisations will need to include electricity, gas and transport energy and carbon emissions information in their annual company/directors’ reports.

A narrative will be required within the annual report to provide an overview on energy efficiency measures that have been undertaken during the previous financial year. An energy intensity metric will also need to be included. These reporting requirements make it essential for organisations to have accurate and timely energy / emissions data.

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Qualification criteria

Organisations that need to participate are:

Registered Company


large LLP with two of the below:

  • Number of employees > 250
  • Turnover > £36m
  • Balance sheet total > £18m

SECR affects most organisations currently covered by ESOS legislation. However, most ESOS participants do not currently participate in CRC and so SECR will impose annual energy and carbon reporting on a large number of businesses who until now have only been involved in the four-yearly cycle of ESOS.

UK Quoted companies will be required to report Global emissions and Global energy use, where practical.

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