Taking control of where and when your business is using gas, electricity and water is a key step in reducing the cost of your utilities through efficiency gains. Active measurement of utility consumption can be achieved through use of electricity, gas and water meters or data loggers. This technology enables suppliers to receive automated data, which is then used to create accurate invoices.

Whether it’s installing new connections, sourcing the most appropriate automated meter reading, placing your meter operations contracts or managing the installation of your sub-metering, we will work closely with you to meet your metering requirements with the minimum of disruption to your business.
For clients moving premises or acquiring new ones we provide an onsite service to ensure that all meters which require either energisation or de-energisation are complete and managed in accordance with our client’s schedule.


  • Increased billing accuracy, efficiency and understanding of energy consumption
  • Optimal product selection aligned with business needs
  • Expert bespoke advice
  • Independence to switch suppliers whilst maintaining meter hardware and data integrity

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