Identifying and tracking unusual patterns of consumption is part of an effective energy management strategy. The start to any such activity begins with effective metering and sub-metering solutions. From here, our Optimisation experts can perform detailed analysis to highlight areas to reduce wastage and make savings.

Our software can identify unusual patterns of energy consumption from half-hourly data and issue automated alerts to allow action to be taken on site. We combine this with a dedicated team who proactively follow up with the highest priority sites.

Profile Alerts in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Creating Profile Targets

We analyse historical profile data for each meter and produce a model of energy consumption for each possible combination of month and weekday. These models are mapped against the calendar for the forthcoming year to create an appropriate profile target.

  1. Automatic Profile Alerts

Using your profile target our software automatically detects unusual patterns of energy consumption. Where exceptional consumption is detected, an automatic profile alert will be generated and emailed to a designated person.

  1. Priority Calls

Our dedicated Profile Analysts review your profile alerts and identify sites to be targeted for improvement. We then call your priority sites and speak with your designated contact to tell then they have high consumption and provide advice and support to help them identify the cause.

  1. Regular Reporting

A high-level summary view of performance is provided to ensure visibility of anomalies so there are no surprises.

  1. Review

We provide a comprehensive review of performance, key issues along with recommendations for energy saving initiatives. By analysing your profile data regularly and targeting unusual consumption, our team of analysts are able to recognise inefficient operations and recommend behaviour changes and technological developments.


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