Through interrogation of meter point consumption data and supplier invoice validation, we are able to draw on standard metrics to enable cross site comparison and identify anomalies in site performance. The results of this analysis provide our clients with invaluable information, enabling them to recognise inefficient operations of energy usage and make informed decision to influence user behaviour and introduce technological changes.

Your data profile can be used to examine consumption in order to identify exceptions, general wastage and other opportunities for efficiency, as well as for invoice reconciliation and tenant billing.

Our suite of tools and reports help our clients to maximise the benefits of their data, some of which are available on our client portal.

E&CM focus on monitoring and targeting usage data to allow opportunities and results to be evaluated and used as a basis to steer decision, when considering strategies to reduce the overall energy consumed.


  • Immediate identification of energy inefficiency and wastage
  • Bespoke and targeted criteria used in each project to ensure purposeful results
  • Advice for introduction of user behaviour changes and technical developments
  • Accurate budget and planning from critical data analysis

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