In an environment of rapid and significant price volatility, the challenge for all businesses buying utilities in today’s market is how to manage their long-term energy costs. So whether your aim is to reduce these costs, manage your risk or implement a bespoke energy purchasing strategy, our innovative procurement solutions are designed to work harder for you.

At E&CM, our specialist team are experts in negotiating procurement contract terms and will strive to ensure your business gets the best possible deal. At the heart of our procurement solution is continual market price assessment. Once we have your agreement to proceed and your strategy is in place, we do the work for you, updating you along the way and providing you with the information you need to make key decisions when required.

Our energy market forecast reports can be issued on a daily, weekly or monthly basis ensuring our clients are kept fully informed at all times, removing the risk of sudden and unexpected movements in budget.

With such a wide variety of choice within the UK energy sector, choosing the supplier that meets your business needs can be daunting. With nearly half a century of experience, our long-standing relationships with suppliers allow us to provide you with impartial recommendations and negotiate a better deal for your business.

Our Services

Fixed Contracts

Fixed price contracts are the simplest approach to purchasing from the wholesale electricity and gas markets.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible procurement is complex, multi-faceted and traditionally more aligned to larger businesses. You can buy annually, quarterly, in season or in months, sequentially or in any order your business should wish.

Collective Purchasing Contracts

We can give smaller clients access to purchasing their energy based on a flexible buying mechanism in suitable collaborative portfolio. They gain greater value from being part of a larger group of similar customers and achieve an overall improved price for their energy purchasing.

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