Purchasing your electricity and gas flexibly can be an effective risk management tool, allowing large consumers to ‘spread’ their procurement purchases over a period of time and take advantage of the continually changing energy market rising and falling. Flexible procurement is complex, multi-faceted and traditionally more aligned to larger businesses. You can buy annually, quarterly, in season or in months, sequentially or in any order your business should wish.

By choosing to flex your utility procurement, our experts will develop a bespoke ‘purchasing strategy’ for your business, which reflects your appetite to risk and budget requirements.

We then ‘go to market’ with a flexible product scope unique to your business, analyse each quotation received, negotiate with the shortlisted energy providers, before ‘ranking’ the final contenders based on the factors that matter most to your business, be that price, trading capacity, invoicing options, transparency, block purchasing structures, or sleeving options.

Our experts carefully and consistently monitor the markets, interpreting trends, considering economic drivers to provide our clients with the very best purchasing advice, optimised to market conditions.

Unlike a ‘fixed’ procurement approach, businesses can benefit from market volatility – so when it falls, your business costs could lower too.


  • Bespoke purchasing strategy aligned to specific business objectives
  • Control over each purchasing decision according to market conditions
  • Monthly reporting providing forecast budget direction
  • Reduce the risk premiums associated with single fixed purchase solutions

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