As you are aware, competition has been introduced to the water market in England from April 2017 by way of deregulation. It has been possible to switch supplier from this point.

Experience from Scotland, where deregulation occurred in 2008, is that savings of 12-20% have been achieved by changing suppliers, although such savings will not be possible in England and Wales as initial savings will be significantly lower, owing to very tight margins between the wholesale costs and retail margin. One of the main benefits from the water market deregulating is the ability to have just one supplier providing water and sewerage

Whilst switching supplier for electricity and gas has been common place for over 20 years, the ability to have a choice for your clean water and waste water supplier is new and many businesses have already seen a reduction in costs, improved customer service, and simplified bills.

With many providers now able to ‘price’ your clean water and wastewater contracts, understanding your current position and then having the time to fully investigate which supplier and contract best suits your needs can be challenging.

Our teams have vetted all active suppliers and have an extensive understanding of the tariffs and service solutions available to businesses.

We initially undertake a thorough evaluation of your business needs before approaching the market to obtain the most preferential prices. This is likely to include a review of your existing clean water and wastewater metering, measurement and how efficiently your business uses water.

Once we understand your current position, we approach the marketplace to ‘price’ your new contract. We’ll provide you with a summary of shortlisted suppliers, ranked in order depending on their quotation and customer service levels. Once you are confident your business has chosen the most beneficial supplier, we will manage the switching process to ensure all your supply is migrated to your new provider.


  • Ensure smooth transition of transfer of supply
  • Freedom of supplier choice based on your business requirements
  • Independent and impartial advice
  • Improved invoicing and commercial arrangements with the new water provider

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