Management & Monitoring

We provide a comprehensive range of specialised water services tailored to our client’s individual needs. These include leak detection and repair, mains supply pipe lining and replacement, infrastructure condition surveys, buried asset location and mapping, smart metering and devices to limit and manage water usage. Through Ingenuity, we measure and monitor water usage and swiftly identify anomalies. By finding and resolving excess water usage, wastage and discharge to sewer, we reduce our client’s water wastage and in turn their water charges.


  • Positive environmental impact
  • Greater control and understanding of charges paid to water companies
  • Accurate usage, charges, budgeting and operational costs
  • Increased profitability



At E&CM we advise businesses on how to reduce their reliance on mains water, reducing this reliance will improve flood risk management, and increases resilience in both flooding and drought conditions. We work on a case by case basis to give our clients the optimum solution for long term environmental sustainability whilst staying ahead of changing legislation. This supports clients strategic and corporate objectives to manage water usage responsibility whilst improving affordability.


  • Maximise strategic reserves through utilisation of alternative water suppliers
  • Reduce dependency on mains water services
  • Improved flood and drought risk management
  • Enhanced corporate and social responsibility brand image

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