Highdorn Co. Limited

Highdorn Co. Limited is a property management company which provides property management services within the Freshwater Group of Companies, which includes Daejan Holdings Plc (a constituent company of the FT500). Highdorn’s portfolio ranges from industrial and retail to residential properties all over the UK.


Highdorn Co. Limited started working with E&CM (known then as Team Analysis) in 1997, just as energy markets were first opening up to supplier switching. With a large portfolio
of over 700 electricity and gas meters, the company needed support in managing their energy contracts, securing competitive prices and supporting the team with time consuming and
burdensome billing queries.


E&CM won the business of Highdorn Co. Limited in 1997, and have been working together ever since. More recently a dedicated Client Lead worked closely with the business Manager
to move all Half-Hourly (HH) electricity and gas contracts onto a flexible plan using a bespoke purchasing strategy. The flexible strategy allowed the business to make multiple purchases over
time rather than fixing one price for the duration of their contract. Utilising the expertise of the Client Lead and Trading team, Highdorn Co. Limited were able to spread their risk and cut
costs, sometimes by up to 20%.

Although using a flexible strategy worked for the organisation’s HH and gas contracts, Highdorn Co. Limited decided that a fixed approach was best for their Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) portfolio
consisting of many smaller meters, providing the organisation with budget certainty and simpler invoicing. The Client Lead used market intelligence and a firm supplier relationship to fix
prices at a competitive rate with a reliable supplier who could offer a dedicated account contact.

E&CM have also provided support in adhoc billing enquiries, new connections, change of tenancies and where required, provide reports on the organisations contract performance. This
lifted the burdensome task from the Manager and his team, freeing up resource.


Over the many years of working together, Highdorn Co. Limited has benefited from:

  • Consistent and significant financial savings made by purchasing flexibly when compared to fixed price benchmarks.
  • Contract performance reports providing peace of mind that the company is profiting from the market intelligence of the Client Lead and risk management team.
  • Peace of mind that they have the support needed to deal with complex billing queries, freeing up resource within the organisation.

“We have received very favourable feedback from our residents. They appreciate the proactive approach we have taken with the guidance of E&CM to secure competitive prices by regularly reviewing our purchasing options and strategies.”

– Manager, Highdorn Co. Limited – Freshwater Group –