How to Keep Control of Costs During Closure

Closed due to Covid-19

With many companies forced to close their doors for a second time back in November, business owners will have hoped for a brighter new year. And although the new year does bring hope and some much-needed light at the end of the tunnel, due to ongoing restrictions and now a third national lockdown, many businesses will be starting their 2021 with their premises closed.  Here we provide some information to help you protect your business from unnecessary costs during closure.

Speak to your supplier or consultant

Firstly, it’s worth reminding consumers that if you’re struggling to pay your business energy bills, it’s important to contact your supplier, rather than simply cancelling a Direct Debit. If you use an energy consultant, get in touch with them for advice in the first instance.

Managing closed sites

If your business is closed or at reduced capacity, it’s more important than ever to manage your operational costs:

  • Isolate all non-essential plant and equipment.
  • Review operational times on time-controlled equipment.
  • Review operational temperatures of all plant/equipment/heating systems in light of expected use/occupancy with minimum setback temperatures being used where possible.
  • Disable all comfort cooling.
  • Ensure all office equipment (except essential servers) is turned off.
  • Consider emptying any refrigerators and freezers and switching them off.
  • Where possible, power off vending machines.
  • If cleaners are on the premises, make sure they’re aware of the switch off plan.
  • If you have automatically-captured consumption data, review it. This way, you can implement remedial action for sites with higher than expected consumption while closed.

Volume changes

If you’re an E&CM client and you have a volume tolerance clause in your energy contract, get in touch with us as soon as possible if you expect changes in consumption, including short-term unplanned changes in consumption. This way, we can help mitigate against any volume tolerance breaches.

E&CM would like to extend our support and reassure you that our operational team is still working remotely, and we remain contactable by email, telephone and videoconferencing, as we continue to deliver our services.

If you need help with volume tolerance, or for advice on any aspect of utility management, call us today on 0330 166 4444 or email [email protected]