Energy management is multifaceted and complex. Our experience in the energy and utility market has given us unrivaled in-depth and expert knowledge. Our specialists understand the specific market pressures faced by businesses, we work to provide the latest industry insights and most importantly, translate how they affect you to help you steer the complexities of the industry.

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At Energy & Carbon Management, we like to try and


Your energy procurement strategy is an important element in managing your organisation’s overall financial performance. However, there are a range
P272 is an Ofgem modification that forms a part of the ‘Smarter Markets Programme’ and is expected to affect around
How to identify and understand external factors that drive your energy use, and how to be prepared for changes as
MEES will penalise privately rented properties without a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), or with an EPC of F or
Picking the right time to buy can make or break your energy strategy. Find out how to make the most
There are an estimated 1000+ third party intermediaries (aka energy brokers, advisors or consultants) operating in the energy market, ranging
Welcome to the second part of our guide on improving your tender processes. This document will take you through the
If you have chosen to purchase on a flexible price or volume basis, then your business has risks that need
Today’s competitive and complex energy markets have spawned a host of energy advisors apparently eager to help businesses find a


In their 2018 Targeted Charging Review (TCR), Ofgem outlined its plans to
Energy & Carbon Management (E&CM) is one of the UK’s
Introduced to encourage organisations to reduce their energy use and
In the current climate, many businesses are looking to reduce
While residual charging changes won’t come into place until next
Download E&CM’s ‘Spotlight on Net Zero’ for more information on
Unsure whether you comply with SECR? Download our eGuide to
In these unprecedented times, E&CM is here to ensure our
As we reach the end of another compliance phase, our