Energy management is multifaceted and complex. Our experience in the energy and utility market has given us unrivaled in-depth and expert knowledge. Our specialists understand the specific market pressures faced by businesses, we work to provide the latest industry insights and most importantly, translate how they affect you to help you steer the complexities of the industry.

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On 1st April 2017, the non-domestic water market in England became fully open to competition. This means businesses can now
If your organisation is looking to switch its energy supplier and you’ve decided to ask a third party consultancy to
ISO 50001: what is it and how can it benefit your organisation? By submitting this form you agree for us
Energy procurement is becoming more strategic - and for businesses looking to understand and manage costs, it’s no longer just
Most businesses recognise the advantages of switching energy suppliers to access the best prices. But having the time, resource and
It is important to ensure that your ASC is sufficient for your needs. If you exceed your ASC, you will
National Grid offer a number of products that provide the opportunity for business energy users to earn revenue by getting


‘My Net Zero Toolkit’ from E&CM will guide UK manufacturers’
The new year brings with it big changes to energy
As part of the drive towards a low carbon economy,
In exactly one year from now (5 December 2019), it's
Who is liable for SECR and what are the reporting
The government has signalled its commitment to strengthening the UK's
The world must take 'unprecedented' action to limit the devastating
The sooner businesses get moving on complying with the Energy Savings
It seems like every day the cost of energy is