PA Housing

PA Housing was formed from the amalgamation of two well established housing associations: asra Housing Group and Paragon Community Housing in April 2017. With over 40 years combined experience, PA Housing manages approximately 24,000 homes across the UK.


Prior to the amalgamation, asra Housing Group were struggling to manage the utility contracts for their large portfolio of offices and accommodation. Meters were often left on rolling contract tariffs with a number of different suppliers – hiking costs and becoming a time consuming problem for the Group.

As the company operate as a public body, they are required to comply with the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) procurement regulations.


E&CM is the chosen supplier of procurement services for Procurement for Housing (PfH) and were able to support PA Housing by managing all their utility contracts through an OJEU compliant framework – this meant a hassle free tendering process. A dedicated Client Lead used market intelligence and expertise to align and consolidate contracts to sit under one supplier for each utility and used a mix of pricing strategies to spread the risk and achieve competitive rates for the business.

E&CM also assisted with the recovery of costs relating to VAT and Climate Change Levy payments incorrectly levied across their contracts over a four year period.

E&CM have been providing support and assistance through any energy related difficulties or concerns throughout the amalgamation process.


E&CM have been able to provide PA Housing with:

  • A dedicated Client Lead to support and assist with all energy related matters.
  • An initial annual saving of £75,000 through the negotiation of all utility contracts.
  • A refund of over £100,000 and peace of mind that their bills are now accurate following an audit of VAT levels on the invoices.

“E&CM has taken control of the process from start to finish and has provided a very high standard of service. We were impressed right from the outset with the meticulous approach E&CM adopted during the tender process.
This forward thinking approach has continued throughout the implementation of our energy contract and has not only resulted in significant savings through the group contract arrangement and
refunded VAT and CCL payments, but has also given us the confidence that we are now being correctly charged.
Not only has E&CM helped to reduce the workload on our accounts department, which receives lots of bills, but our dedicated Client Lead has been extremely helpful with any queries we have on various sites.”

– Group Facilities Manager, PA Housing –